© Adam Oswell / WWF
Dawna Tenasserim
The Dawna Tenasserim Landscape supports the biggest populations of tigers in mainland Southeast Asia and a diverse range of other wild cat species; Indochinese leopard, Clouded leopard, Asian golden cat, Fishing cat, Jungle cat, Marbled cat and Leopard cat.

This incredible transboundary landscape spans the Myanmar-Thailand border, and it is home to diverse ethnic groups who have thrived there for centuries. They have known the clouds shrouding the mountains, its evergreen forests in the higher altitudes and deciduous forests along the slopes and open woodland mixed with grasslands along its river valleys.

The forested area here is roughly the size of the entire country of Cambodia. It is not only the land of cats but also provides shelter to over 150 mammal species and nearly 570 bird species, making it of global biodiversity significance.

The landscape is threatened by unsustainable infrastructure development, illegal logging, habitat loss due to agriculture expansion and poaching.

The Dawna Tenasserim is the best hope for tigers in the Mekong. In Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, tigers have already disappeared. 

Since 1993, WWF has played a critical role in the area and continues to be a leading partner in securing a permanent conservation legacy for this landscape. WWF is conducting informed interventions for conservation and monitoring outcomes and advocating for key policy changes. We are also working on community outreach and maintaining and improving landscape integrity and connectivity.