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Creating Space
for Tigers and People

The future of Asia is growth: of populations, economies and hopefully wild tigers

Predicting how these elements fit together and preparing for that future is essential if we are to achieve the Tx2 goal and safeguard tigers as a living emblem of this vast continent.

WWF is working to ensure tigers have the space and support they need to thrive; support from all sectors of society but in particular the local people who lived side by side with tigers and who in the future will be custodians of Asia’s most precious asset.
© Edward Parker

To find a way tiger conservation and development can go hand in hand WWF is:

  • Seeking solutions to human-tiger conflict
  • Ensuring land-use plans are well-formed and implemented on the ground so there is space for tigers
  • Ensuring forests and tigers are recognized as essential parts of a thriving green economy
  • Building strong support for tigers in communities that live in tiger landscapes