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Tigers in the Spotlight

“This Global Tiger Day, help @DiscoveryComm and @WWF protect wild tigers at discovery.com/projectCAT #projectCAT” tweeted Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor is well-known for being a champion for climate change, having famously used his acceptance speech during the Oscars to speak out on the issue and how it is threatening our world’s species.

So it was not surprising when he lent his support to projectCAT, a partnership project between WWF and Discovery Communications, to conserve nearly a million acres of protected land on the border of India and Bhutan.

Tigers are more than just an iconic species. As top predators of the food chain, they keep the ecosystem balanced and protect the forests they live in.

But Leonardo DiCaprio was not the only celebrity who gave wild tigers the attention they deserved. Over the last weekend, well-known figures like Heidi Klum, Ellen DeGeneres, and Mark Hamill were among those who showed their support on Global Tiger Day.

 Heidi Klum was one of the celebrities who showed wild tigers her support.
Heidi Klum was one of the celebrities who showed wild tigers her support.
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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation also lent their support in the days leading up to Global Tiger Day, raising over €120,000 of funding for important tiger conservation work, through a fundraising event hosted by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in Monaco.

 Tigers in the Spotlight
Tigers in the Spotlight
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Meanwhile, WWF teamed up with Tiger Beer to and engaged thousands of people around the world to take a stand against illegal tiger trade – the most immediate threat facing wild tigers.

Criminals are turning to digital platforms and social media to sell illegal products such as tiger teeth, claws, parts of their skin, and traditional medicine made with tiger parts.

WWF and Tiger Beer launched the #3890tigers project to invite the public instead to use their social power to fight back and secure a future for wild tigers.

Celebrities like Megan Fox, Zachary Quinto, Norman Reedus and Vanness Wu, have uploaded a selfie art as part of this creative project to make it clear that they are against the illegal tiger trade.

Over the Global Tiger Day weekend, we also spotted model Koni Liu at our “Be a Tiger Ranger” roadshow organized by WWF-Hongkong, Bollywood Randeep Hood attending the celebrations in India and Game of Thrones actress, Carice Van Houten, wearing a #iProtectTiger T-shirt that aims to raise funds for the Tx2 mission to double wild tigers by 2022.

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