© David Lawson/WWF-UK

Exciting Tx2 results from Thailand

The latest tiger count in Mae Wong – Khlong Lan National Parks Thailand, is only two thirds  complete but has already captured 18 tigers on film including 2 females with 5 cubs between them.

Kate Newman, from WWF US, made a special visit to the Mae Wong-Khlong Lan National Parks in September to witness first hand the terrific results being produced by the field teams using the new SMART Patrol System and has shared her experience with us.

“ On Sunday morning we ventured out from the Mae Wong lodge in three pick-up trucks to see the site of a proposed new ranger station and hikers’ camp.  On our way in we stopped to check one of the three pairs of camera traps set up along the road.  The crowd gathered round a laptop propped on the hood of a pickup while the guard loaded the images.

There were ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ as Indian civet cats, hog badgers, macaques, muntjacs, park guards and this adorable porcupine family popped up…”

“…then all of a sudden -- Woaaahh! -- The crowd roared! A perfect image of a tiger!

Thailand's Tiger Cub Boom
© Kate Newman WWF-US


“Later, as we headed deeper into the forest, we spotted a tiger track  that had been marked by rangers a few days earlier. Although we knew we would never see an actual tiger – seeing that track made them feel even closer than before  – perhaps watching us from just beyond those bamboos on the hill… “

” On our way back we stopped to check the other two camera traps. To our immense delight, a beautiful picture of a tiger popped up again in each camera. Amazing!” 

“The big male that rules this territory had passed by  twice, one month apart as he made his rounds. The third image was a female, the mother of two year-old cubs, who had passed by a only few days earlier.”

“The team at Mae Wong is doing a great job and said how well the SMART patrol system is working for them and the tigers.  They mentioned several times that although the job was rough and dangerous, what keeps them going is the pride that they feel when they see these pictures and know that what they do every day is really working.”

"Many congratulations tiger team!"