Five things to look out for at the International Tiger Youth Summit 2022
© Shutterstock / Bhasmang Mehta / WWF-International


Youth today are the changemakers of tomorrow. They're aware, informed, and active in tiger conservation, and WWF Tigers Alive Initiative with WWF India are excited to be hosting the virtual International Tiger Youth Summit, Roar for Tigers, to celebrate these inspiring youth from 13 different countries - Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Viet Nam. To register your attendance for the event, sign up here!

Here are five things to look out for at the International Tiger Youth Summit...

1. Amazing, trail blazing youth 

The youth delegates that have been nominated to represent their countries at the International Tiger Youth Summit are passionate and inspirational young people. They are leading advocacy efforts and spreading awareness about the threats facing tigers so be prepared for a big dose of motivation coming your way! 

2. Sing for tigers

In solidarity with the youth delegates raising their voice for tiger conservation, S.O.S from the kids (as seen on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’) will be performing ‘Sing for Tigers’. The choir will be performing this compelling number to open the summit on an electric, musical note.

3. Emotion evoking art 

Art is often used as a tool for social change, particularly among children whose imagination holds no boundaries. The virtual summit platform will spotlight incredible art sent in from school children and youth under the theme ‘Roar for Tigers’. Their creativity will leave you speechless! 

4. Tiger range countries represent! 

All tiger range countries will be represented by the youth delegates. Some youth have first hand experience of living with a big carnivore in their backyard. Some have heard stories about tigers from their elders and feel very strongly about bringing back the roar to their country. These stories shared in a panel discussion will be engaging and interactive, don’t miss out! 

5. Hope for the future

As part of the International Tiger Youth Summit, the youth delegates have drafted a ‘Youth recommendation for the future of tiger conservation’. This declaration highlights crucial actions recommended by the delegates to three key stakeholders: government, communities, and individuals. This declaration will be posted on 28 July 2022 on the Tigers Alive website - watch out for that!

Young people everywhere are raising their voices to secure a future for this iconic big cat. Will you? 

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