Prestigious new tiger conservation award opens for submissions

Posted on 28 July 2020

29 July 2020 - A new annual award in recognition of sites that have doubled numbers of wild tigers since 2010 has launched today and is open for submissions.

The award will be presented in partnership with WWF, UNDP, The Lion’s Share, IUCN-Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme (ITHCP), Global Tiger Forum (GTF) and Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CA|TS).

A second Tiger Conservation Excellence Award will also go to a site that has achieved significant progress in two or more of the following areas: tiger and prey population monitoring and research; effective site management; enhanced law enforcement and protection; community-based conservation; and habitat and prey management.

The inaugural TX2 Award and Tiger Conservation Excellence Award winners will be announced on 23 November - the 10 year anniversary for the global TX2 goal to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.

“As we near 2022, it’s time to acknowledge the sites contributing to one of the most ambitious conservation goals ever for a single species. This is an achievement that not only secures a future for tigers in the wild, but also the ecosystems that wildlife and people depend on,” said Stuart Chapman, Lead of WWF’s Tigers Alive Initiative.

“Securing sites harbouring wild tigers are invaluable genetic repositories, apart from ensuring ecosystem services to all. The frontline and management teams who maintain such areas are often unsung, but their contributions are invaluable. This award is most welcome and timely, and will provide the much needed motivation, when the going is not all that smooth,” said Dr. Rajesh Gopal, Secretary General at the Global Tiger Forum (GTF).

“As we respond to the severe global health, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19, now is the moment for us to more clearly understand the risks associated with nature loss and degradation of natural ecosystems . Healthy population of wild tigers in range countries is an important indicator for healthy ecosystems and sustainable development. These awards will act as an added incentive for those who are dedicated to ensuring healthy ecosystems for people and the planet,’’ said Midori Paxton, Head of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, UNDP

The government agencies engaged in tiger conservation can nominate the site of their country or state under the mentioned categories. To be eligible, sites must be within the current tiger range and have legal status under the country’s legislation.

Details for how to submit nominations can be found here:

Khalid Pasha, CA|TS Manager, WWF Tigers Alive Initiative (based in Singapore), email:
Tristan Tremschnig, Communications Director, WWF Tigers Alive Initiative (based in Hong Kong), email: