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Thumbs Up for Tiger

The world is celebrating Global Tiger Day on Friday 29th July 2016. This year is especially important because it marks the halfway point of Tx2 — the global goal to double the number of wild tigers.

There has been some amazing progress so far, with wild tiger numbers increasing in Russia, India, Nepal and Bhutan as a result of high level political commitment and enhanced protection for tigers. However, tigers remain endangered and highly threatened across their range, especially in Southeast Asia. Many countries risk losing their tigers unless urgent action is taken to protect them from poaching and habitat loss.

To raise awareness about tiger conservation and the historic Tx2 effort, we have teamed up with National Geographic explorer and artist Asher Jay, to launch a digital campaign where YOU can make a difference!

The aim is to show countries with wild tigers that there is worldwide support for tiger conservation and the effort to double wild tiger numbers (Tx2).

Thumbs Up for Tigers Campaign from WWF Tigers on Vimeo.


To double the number of people supporting Tx2, we are linking the “T” for tigers to thumbs – asking you to give Tx2 not just one, but TWO thumbs up! Thumbs x 2 = Tx2

The theme of thumbs links perfectly to tigers because each tiger’s stripe pattern is unique to them, just like our finger prints are to us.


The campaign will run from Friday 22nd July – 29th July. To take part:

  1. Colour your thumbs orange
  2. Add your unique tiger stripes
  3. Upload your photo with #ThumbsUpForTigers*

Double the impact by making your #ThumbsUpForTigers photo your profile picture!

The top five submissions will be shared with WWF’s 2 million+ followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Global Tiger Day (29th July 2016).

Double the impact. Double the awareness. Double the number of tigers in the wild. Join the global effort and make your mark for tigers now!

* Please note that by submitting your image, you declare that you are the owner of the copyright and while you retain the copyright, allow WWF and our affiliates to use your image in any medium worldwide within the context of the Tx2 campaign without additional permission or compensation.

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