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Some of our favourite fictional tiger tales
Some of our favourite fictional tiger tales

Nothing captures the imagination quite like a tiger. From illustrated children's books to iconic adventure stories, there's something for everyone to sink their teeth into this weekend.

1. The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling, 1894

Of course the Jungle Book is number one on the list. Though we’re not the biggest fans of Rudyard Kipling’s portrayal of a tiger as the ‘bad guy’, who doesn’t love this story set in India.

2. Life of Pi by Yann Martel, 2001

In this fantasy adventure novel, Piscine Molitor, “Pi” Patel, finds himself stranded in the Pacific Ocean after a shipwreck. He survives 227 days, sharing the boat with one survivor – a bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

3. The Last Winter by Morgan Booth, 2013

In a vast world of white where everything is frozen, a solitary Siberian tigress walks alone. She is the last of her kind, her only company the voice in her head guiding her through the snow. This is a tale of hardship and hope.

4. Tiger Moon by Antonia Michaelis, 2005

Fate brings together a princess, a thief and a talking white tiger. This book is one great adventure full of near-deaths, daring escapes, love and hope. 

5. The Tiger Who Came to Tea By Judith Kerr, 1968

In this heartwarming children’s book, Sophie and her mother have quite a surprise when a big furry tiger interrupts their afternoon tea.


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