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Joint Efforts for Russian Tiger Conservation
Joint Efforts for Russian Tiger Conservation
© John S. Mitchell / WWF


The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, WWF Russia and the Amur Tiger Center have signed a Cooperative Agreement on Amur tiger conservation in Russia.

Under the Agreement, WWF Russia plans to:

  • Take part in scientific research and monitoring of the tiger population
  • Assist protected areas in their conservation of the tiger and its habitat
  • Contribute to restoration of tiger habitat
  • Forward policy proposals on the Amur tiger conservation efforts
  • Participate in combating the illegal trafficking of the Amur tiger and its parts
  • Raise public awareness and to support international initiatives and projects on tiger conservation and protection

"Only joined efforts can ensure the appropriate level of protection and guarantee all required activities to raise the population number" - Sergei Donskoi, Head of the Ministry - Primorsky Province
"This partnership brings positive results" - Igor Chestin, Head of WWF Russia

Russia are due to release their tiger census results in May 2015.

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