Skin & Bones: Tiger Trafficking Analysis from January 2000 - June 2022

Posted on November, 07 2022

No let-up in tiger trafficking as world loses over 100 tigers a year.

Authorities worldwide have seized tigers and parts equal to an average of 150 tigers a year over almost 23 years, with seizures in the first half of this year signalling the relentless pursuit of remaining tigers, a new TRAFFIC study reveals. Overall, whole tigers, dead and live, as well as a variety of tiger parts equal to a conservative estimate of 3,377 tigers were confiscated between January 2000 and June 2022 across 50 countries and territories, with data showing an increasing trend.  

According to Skin and Bones: Tiger Trafficking Analysis from January 2000–June 2022, the tigers and their parts were seized in 2,205 incidents, mostly in the 13 Tiger Range Countries.