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The CA|TS Report 2022: 10 years of Conservation Assured Tiger Standards

Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards (CA|TS) started with a simple aim – tocontribute to the many efforts around the world to secure wild tigers. But such tasks are never so simple to implement. Developing CA|TS over the last ten years has involved a huge collaborative effort in standard setting, advocacy, software development, training, fundraising and much more. For the sites and people involved it has represented a major commitment in supporting national systems to implement CA|TS.

This report tells the story of the CA|TS journey from an idea to a global partnership of countries, sites, experts and conservation organisations implementing this mission across the tiger range. 

  1. 128 tiger conservation sites from seven countries are registered with CA|TS.
  2. CA|TS Registered and Approved sites cover 25% of tiger range but include about 75% of the global tiger population.
  3. 21 sites have been CA|TS Approved, which signifies they have reached the globally agreed standards of management for wild tigers, or are in the final stages of approval.

"At the heart of tiger conservation is the protection and management of the sites and habitats that support tiger populations. Assured effective management of these sites is the single most important step to halt tiger population declines and to lay the foundation for tiger recovery.In 2022, the second Global Tiger Summit will be held in Russia to assess the progress made and improvements required to conserve this iconic, endangered and conservation dependent big cat. CA|TS Approved sites will both lead the way and set the standard for future tiger conservation." Stuart Chapman, Lead – Tigers Alive, WWF and CA|TS Executive Committee 

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The CA|TS Report 2022: 10 years of Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards